18 December 2018

Challenges for non-EU benchmark providers

Henrik Brunlid, CEO of Foxberry, recently spoke to the FT's Global Risk Regulator about the challenges facing non-EU benchmark providers with respect to the EU benchmark regulation.


24 July 2018

BMR: ESMA Addresses "Entirely and Directly"

Entirely and directly - part 2: We would like to thank ESMA for addressing the topic raised in our previous blog post regarding the EU benchmark regulation's definition of the wording entirely and directly. In this follow-up blog post we discuss their answer and its potential consequences.


9 May 2018

The pros and pitfalls of bespoke indices

Tomas Franzén, senior advisor at Foxberry, spoke to the Nordic Fund Journal on the topic of the pros and pitfalls of bespoke indices.

A pdf version of the article is available here.

Digital versions of Nordic Fund Selection Journal can be found here.


13 April 2018

BMR: “entirely and directly”

As one of the first registered benchmark administrators under the EU Benchmark Regulation, Foxberry put the interpretation of certain BMR definitions to the test. In this blog post, we explore a technicality around the definition of regulated-data benchmarks in the EU Benchmark Regulation.


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