Foxberry Index Management

About us

Who we are

Foxberry is an independent index manager. We are regulated by the FCA and registered as a benchmark administrator under the EU benchmark regulation. Our mission is to improve the market for financial indices. We are based in Canary Wharf, London. The Foxberry team have over a decade of experience in creating, governing and trading financial indices across different asset classes.

index management

Foxberry offers expertise concerning all aspects of index management. We provide structuring, analysis and technological capabilities usually only found within the top tier investment banks, but as an independent partner. As such, we offer our clients some of the key benefits found with fiduciary managers.


Foxberry acts as an independent partner meaning that our indices may be traded and/or tendered with the counterparties our clients prefer. Our clients may therefore fulfil their fiduciary duties by enabling competitive pricing. This is likely to result in significant cost reductions as well as maintained integrity of the index strategies.

Financial Technology

The Foxberry platform is purpose built and based on extensive experience in creating and governing financial indices. Using industry leading technologies, our platform caters for robust calculations and analysis of the most sophisticated financial indices. This provides our clients with the leverage they need for risk, reporting and audit procedures.

Our values

The foundation of our business

client first

We are a truly client oriented business. Our independence enables us to put the client’s interests first throughout the whole trading process.

Responsible innovation

This means thoughtful innovation for the right reasons, focusing on achieving the best product for the client. We strive for conceptual simplicity but know that the best solution may require technical complexity.

details matter

The difference between something good and something great lies in the details. We have a true passion for details.

Our clients

And partners

Our clients consist of sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, life insurers, asset managers and investment banks. Thanks to the trust and support we have received from our clients throughout the years, we have established long term relationships and engaging dialogues with many of the most talented people in the industry. This has - and will continue to be - the paramount part of our business model for developing truly innovative and relevant index solutions.


Our indices are typically a result of working with our clients as partners in a transaction and the index content is tailored to address the precise demands and wishes of our clients.


As we are independent, our clients have comfort in working with us on solutions contingent on their in-house quantitative models. Based on such input we are able to create bespoke index solutions whilst maintaining critical parts of our clients' intellectual property as confidential.


Continuously developing and improving existing indices to address new market conditions or new client preferences is an integral part in maintaining long term successful index solutions.

Our services

What we offer

index due diligence

Conducting due diligence on financial indices or financial index products is very different to conducting due diligence on discretionary managers. At Foxberry we have the experience, expertise and technological capabilities required to conduct in depth due diligence analysis for index related investments.

index creation

The Foxberry team has a long track record of bringing to market innovative and successful index products. We typically work in partnership with our clients when developing new index solutions. This ensures that our index offering stays relevant and that our indices are constructed for investments of strategic size.

index administration

As index administrator, Foxberry continuously assess that each relevant index remains investable. We also manage any potential index adjustment, following certain market disruptions or other extraordinary market scenarios, with the objective of a fair treatment. As we are independent from any hedging counterparty, we mitigate conflicts of interest that may arise in certain market scenarios.

index advisory

We offer advisory services concerning all aspects of index management. We have the experience, expertise and technological capabilities required to help our clients in making informed decisions regarding proposed index investments as well as outlining strategies for existing index portfolios.

arranging index investments

When tendering index investments, it is very important that such a process is conducted correctly. At Foxberry we help investors to identify the key parameters that needs to be tendered in order to achieve the best market price. Our clients may also outsource the whole tendering process to us.

technology and it

The Foxberry platform is purpose built for index management. Our technology offers our clients significant leverage when it comes to index development, risk analysis, bespoke reporting, due diligence analysis and more. We help our clients to automate a range of different tasks relating to both pre- and post-trade services.